We are creating an WEB3 ecosystem where content creators and users can both benefit from platform and at the same time cultivate the personal growth and development of our users.

About Metalabs

Metalabs develops and operates the Life3 project and various decentralized lifestyle applications.

  • Web3

    Establishing a virtuous cycle ecosystem in which users and the platform grow together and at the same time

  • Lifestyle

    Aligning mind and healthy body through the formation of lifestyle.

  • Metaverse

    Connecting the lifestyle in the real world to the metaverse world through SBT issued in a trustworthy manner.


we aim to lead a new type of lifestyle


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Metalabs : Announcing Life3 DAYSTARTER AMA
Announcing Life3 "DAYSTARTER" AMA
Life3 Offical5 Dec

AMA Details
📢 Host : CMO, Horim Han
📢 Venue : Blockchain Club
📢 Date : Dec 5, 2022, 1:00 PM (UTC)

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Metalabs : 1st Airdrop Event Winner Announcement
DAYSTARTER(DST), 1st Airdrop Event
Life3 Offical29 Nov

We are announcing our 1st airdrop event winners!
Winners have been chosen from the participants who completed the tasks ...

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Metalabs : Bittrex Global Exchange Listing
Bittrex Global Exchange Listing
Life3 Offical22 Nov

Dear Life3 community members,
As you may all know, the deposit of ‘DAYSTARTER Token (DST)’ on the Bittrex Global Exchange opened on the 21st ...

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